Part 2 Methods to fix Audio Service Not Responding error

This command will start the System Checker Tool which will take some time to scan the entire of your computer and fix any corrupt files. Audio service is not running…..error endpoint is duplicate…….I have tried everything but did n’t get solution. This error is very common and usually occurs when you upgrade your version of using windows update. So, follow these steps given to solve these problems.

  • Once everything gets done , you must open the Device Manager app again and then initiate the same driver update task for another device.
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  • Rebooting ‘Audio Services’ should make it run again like normal and fix all your current sound issues.

When a Windows Resource Protection file is corrupted or simply missing, the Windows system begins to act up and with problems. Often certain Windows functions stop functioning, and your computer crashes. The option “sfc scannow” is used as one of the special switches available thanks to the sfc command, a command-line command used to run the System File Checker. You must first open the command line, then type “command line” in the “Search” field to run it. Now right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator.” It is mandatory to run the command line to do a scan of the SFC.

msttsengine_onecore dll

The Audio Service is not running or Windows audio service stopping is a very common error which indicates you have unresponsive sound devices. This, complained by some Windows 10 users, is caused after upgrading Windows by using the Windows Update. As said earlier, many-a-times, drivers don’t work correctly due to them being outdated. The audio drivers of your PC might be facing the same problem that could lead to the audio service is not running in Windows 10 or Windows 11. It is a good practice to check them regularly to avoid any last-minute difficulties.

In the System Configuration window https://driversol.com/dll/audioendpointbuilder_dll, go to the Services tab and make sure that the above services are checked there. Manual – The service will only start if there are not too many services running. Automatic – Simply wait for the operating system to load and start automatically. Basically, all the Windows services are available in Computer Management, in the Services section. In the Window, you will see the name of each with a brief description of the functions performed, its status and the type of start.

cortana places.viewmodels.dll

Nevertheless, the Windows audio services might stop working in some cases. If you recognise the audio services not responding mistake, it suggests your sound device is not responsive. At this time, you need to fix the audio services problems so as to utilize the sound gadgets. The error clearly indicates that the problem is with Audio Services. So, by restarting audio services we can fix the problem.

imtcprop exe

When you find the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package, you can update it or remove the outdated version and reinstall the program. As practice shows, the error is caused by an unintentionally deleted Audioendpointbuilder.dll file, which forces applications to crash. Malicious programs and infections by them cause Audioendpointbuilder.dll with the rest of the system files to get corrupted. Keep in mind that System File Checker cannot fix integrity errors for those system files that are currently being used by operating system.

If Startup Type is not set to Automatic, double-click the services and set them toAutomatic in the properties window. Type in the following commands into the command prompt tool, hitting Enter after each one. If updating the driver does not work, move onto another fix in this list. Make sure to back up any important data from that drive, if you haven’t already.

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