Vehicle Immobilization- Remote Release

During a random patrol your vehicle was observed and documented parked in violation of the pre established parking rules of the private property in which you are parked.   All violations have been documented, photographed, video recorded and GPS geo located.  All vehicle and registered owner data has been collected.

You are being provided a Remote Release option to be on your way in minutes. The total price will include a violation fee and a refundable security deposit.

  • Proceed to Checkout to pay for Remote Release
  • Upon Payment- You will be provided detailed Remote Release instructions to quickly be on your way.
  • After Release- Follow the instructions to return the equipment to the Boot Return Station to ensure you receive your deposit back

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BE ADVISED: The vehicle boot is a courtesy in Lieu of Impound. Failure to pay for Remote Release of the vehicle immobilization device will result in the vehicle being impounded at the owners expense and without further notice. Any damage or removal without payment in full will result in criminal charges: Criminal Mischief CRS 18-4-501, Theft CRS 18-1.3-401.