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Technology Solution

We provide a GPS location of each violation with pictures showing time and date that can be accessed from anywhere by logging onto our parking management dashboard. An immediate email is sent to the designated representative each time a boot is placed on a vehicle. This provides up to the minute information in the event the violator calls in asking why they were booted.

​We provide managers with access to an exclusive property management client portal. Photo evidence of all violators for immediate viewing in real time. GPS location of each violation with pictures showing time, date and violation that can be accessed from anywhere. An immediate email notification is sent to the property’s managers each time a boot is placed on a vehicle. Keeps management in the loop so calls from residence or other violators who have been booted doesn’t come as a surprise. The portal also gives the ability to place vehicles on-hold, view violator history and manage parking permits. This is the most comprehensive parking management tool available in the industry.

Remote Release Vehicle Boot©

The safety and manpower issues normally associated with vehicle immobilization has kept booting as a relatively limited tool. The patent pending Remote Release Boot System provides a less expensive alternative to conventional booting.

Safety was the biggest concern when developing this system. A parking enforcement agent is required to go back to a vehicle to release the conventional vehicle boot. This presents a safety concern if the violator is upset or threatening. Normally police have to be called in for assistance tying up even more resources. Our system eliminates the requirement to send a release person into a potentially confrontational situation with the violator.

The amount of additional labor to do onsite releases was also an issue that necessitated the development of a remote release boot. At present time 93% of our booted violators use the remote release option. Our system is easy to use and easy to manage in comparison to the conventional vehicle boot.

Once a boot is placed on a vehicle, a violator can call our 24/7 Customer Service Center and pay their boot fee/deposit. Once the fee is paid, they are given a code to release the boot. The vehicle is released to resume usage within minutes. The violator then returns the boot to the Boot Return Station©. These boots are built in multiple sizes to handle all types of vehicles.