Park it Right | Services Enforcement
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Pro-active enforcement still requires the ability to initiate a penalty to effect compliance

Pro-active enforcement usually comes in the form of issuing out a parking ticket or warning. The next step is usually immobilizing the vehicle with a boot or impounding the vehicle with a tow truck. A tow truck should always be the last resort.


Booting’s biggest drawback is having to go back to a potentially hostile situation with an angry violator. Plus, it holds the vehicle in place until a removal crew can arrive, often hours later. We invented a remote release vehicle boot and boot return station to change these issues.

Decoy Boots

The Parking Liaison Program uses Decoy Boots that are placed on designated vehicles located on the property. This provides the illusion that parking enforcement is booting people creating a sense that they need to comply to avoid being booted. This is an extremely successful method to reduce parking violators, create more turnover of parking spaces and effect compliance without actually negatively impacting the patrons of the retail businesses.

Reinforcement – Green to be Seen©

To gain further compliance we use Hi-Viz colors to ensure people can see us, see our equipment, and see enforcement in action. Traditional parking enforcement is based on the authority role usually wearing police type uniforms to convey authority. Towing and booting companies normally employ hide in the shadows dark colors helping them “get” someone parked illegally.


We want people to see us, our vehicles, our equipment and everything associated with our “Green to be Seen” approach. This reduces violators by reinforcing that parking compliance is being used. Traditional parking enforcement relies on revenue generated from violators creating a situation where reducing violators is not financially prudent.

Boot Return Station©

In conjunction with our Remote Release Boot System, we developed a Boot Return Station. The Boot Return Stations are located in high traffic areas for easy visibility since they also provide easy to read parking rules.