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Having Parking Problems.. We can Help!

Parking Enforcement

Park It Right, Inc.TM has seen a need in the parking enforcement industry to provide a pro-active approach to parking enforcement. Traditional parking enforcement deals with route patrols, violator ticketing, vehicle booting and/or impound towing. These are all designed to penalize a violator for breaking the parking rules after the fact.

Park It Right is revolutionizing Parking Enforcement through a pro-active approach. Park It Right uses a technology driven approach that is focused on education, reinforcement and enforcement to solve parking issues. Proper parking management takes more than a Tow Away warning sign. To eliminate parking issues with Customer Service in mind you need Park It Right’s “No Tow Solution©”. Developed for multi-family communities, small businesses, and municipalities that need a solution for today’s parking problems.

How it Works

Understanding the Parking Violator

In today’s society everyone states “only a minute” as they park illegally in handicap spaces, no parking areas and fire lanes. As the density of the area rises so do the parking problems as people struggle to find nearby parking. Justifying the “I’ll be just a minute” mentality.

The traditional penalty driven reactionary approach to parking enforcement creates an immediate barrier to compliance. The harshest vitriol comes from a violator usually parked right in front of the “No Parking” sign.

Pro-active enforcement works to eliminate many of the excuses used by violators to justify their illegal parking. We take into account that people don’t like to be caught, but also don’t like to be had by sneaky enforcement. Our enforcement approach is based on three key elements – Education, Reinforcement and Enforcement.


Education of Parking Rules

Providing clear signage and expectations of the patrons for parking increases compliance while reducing the ability to complain. Park It Right, Inc. understands the important of providing parking guidance, which led to one aspect of the Boot Return Station. Parking rules are clearly stated on each individual boot station.

Park It Right, Inc. also believes in further notification through newspaper announcements, social media outlets, and even door to door when necessary. Custom signage is appropriate for specific property or area requirements. A parking liaison is one of the most effective approaches to ensure parking compliance is customer service centered.

Reinforcement – Green to be Seen©

We want people to see us, our vehicles, our equipment and everything associated with our “Green to be Seen” approach. This reduces violators by reinforcing that parking compliance is being used. Traditional parking enforcement relies on revenue generated from violators creating a situation where reducing violators is not financially prudent.


Pro-active enforcement still requires the ability to initiate a penalty to effect compliance. This usually comes in the form of issuing out a parking ticket or warning. The next step is usually immobilizing the vehicle with a boot or impounding the vehicle with a tow truck. A tow truck should always be the last resort.

Booting’s biggest drawback is having to go back to a potentially hostile situation with an angry violator. Plus, it holds the vehicle in place until a removal crew can arrive, often hours later. We invented a remote release vehicle boot and boot return station to change these issues.

Remote Release Vehicle Boot©

Safety was the biggest concern when developing this system. A parking enforcement agent is required to go back to a vehicle to release the conventional vehicle boot. This presents a safety concern if the violator is upset or threatening. Normally police have to be called in for assistance tying up even more resources. Our system eliminates the requirement to send a release person into a potentially confrontational situation with the violator.

The amount of additional labor to do onsite releases was also an issue that necessitated the development of a remote release boot. At present time 93% of our booted violators use the remote release option. Our system is easy to use and easy to manage in comparison to the conventional vehicle boot.

Once a boot is placed on a vehicle, a violator can call our 24/7 Customer Service Center and pay their boot fee/deposit. Once the fee is paid, they are given a code to release the boot. The vehicle is released to resume usage within minutes. The violator then returns the boot to the Boot Return Station©. These boots are built in multiple sizes to handle all types of vehicles.

Boot Return Station©

 In conjunction with our Remote Release Boot System, we developed a Boot Return Station. The Boot

Return Stations are located in high traffic areas for easy visibility since they also provide easy to read parking rules.

Parking Liaison

Our Parking Liaison Program is specifically designed for retail centers that need to control parking without negatively impacting their patrons. Traditional Parking Enforcement is too harsh to be viable in a retail setting.

“Parking plays a vital role in supporting a community’s economic development, as businesses rely on parking availability and accessibility to accommodate the demands of their customers. Parking is the first and last experience that customers have with an area, and the City should do its part to ensure that that experience is a positive one. The management of parking should therefore be geared towards providing quality customer service and a positive parking experience to support core area business activity.” City of Aurora

The Parking Liaison patrols the property interacting with people in a positive manner providing parking guidance for patrons. This is designed to prevent parking problems before they happen and keeping an eye on time parking to ensure property turnover of patrons.

This is an extremely successful method to reduce parking violators, create more turnover of parking spaces and effect compliance without actually negatively impacting the patrons of the retail businesses.

Technology Solution

We provide a GPS location of each violation with pictures showing time and date that can be accessed from anywhere by logging onto our parking management dashboard. An immediate email is sent to the designated representative each time a boot is placed on a vehicle. This provides up to the minute information in the event the violator calls in asking why they were booted.


We manufacture our Patent Pending Boot System in Colorado, creating jobs for our economy.

Beginning in the backyard garage manufacturing has now been taken over by J.W. Reffel Metals Foundry the last foundry in Colorado. The boots are designed to be repaired easily and economically.

Unlike other vehicle immobilization devices, the Park It Right Boot does not need special tools to install. In fact, it takes less than 2 minutes to boot a vehicle compared to the traditional boot designs that require special tools and approximately 5 minutes to install.

With Manufacturing based in the Denver Metro area special orders can be accommodated much faster than ordering from Chinese manufacturers. We believe in keeping our local economy strong by working with local vendors to provide top notch products.

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